Words With Friends Vol.3

At the start of the year, I answered a call for submissions to join Billy Pilgrim and his ragtag collection of poets on the third volume of his successful Words With Friends projects. Following a series of phone interviews with Billy Pilgrim and The Heartsease Kid I was asked to join the project and I couldn’t have been happier.

Before the project I had been trying to make the move back toward music but everything I did kept coming up short, making me very apprehensive about putting anything out. After hearing the beautiful beats produced by The Heartsease Kid, I knew this was a project that would work for me and that I would be able to lay vocals atop beats with as much confidence as I did when I was 14 ( this time it will be good I swear).

Last weekend I met all the other poets as we began recording the album. The other artists are all phenomenal and I have no doubt the album is going to be a masterpiece. I

We are in the process of planning a tour and more details on this will be announced shortly. In the mean time you can head over to the BPTHK website to listen to the previous entries in the Words With Friends series. Try not to be too sad that I am not featured on them.

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