“Wander” Short Poetry Film released.

“Wander” is a poem based on the Lowkey Films short film of the same name.

Directed by Conor O’Hara, the film follows the life of a lone survivor on earth after an alien attack leaves behind nothing but rotting carcasses and barren wasteland.

The poem captures the essence of the story and Lowkey Films have kindly allowed the use of footage to create this video.

Watch “Wander” Here

A full transcript of the “Wander” poem can be read below;

All I ever hear is footsteps, footsteps, footsteps.
In front of me there’s nothing, and behind me there’s much less,
I’m calling this the future because history is dead,
but I still had to hear the screaming as those evil creatures fed.
I watched them tear limb from limb, separate bodies from heads
but they’ve since gone extinct, in rotting pieces they all rest.

All I ever see is hurt, hurt, hurt.
In front of me there’s rubble and behind me there’s just dirt.
We could not foresee the trouble that was lain upon this Earth
all this pain and struggle is probably less than we deserved,
because we thought ourselves as kings, when these godlike things emerged.

All I ever taste is pain, pain, pain.
Through the days I trudge forward but the nights turn me insane.
And so, I roll this dice and play this existential game.
But no matter how much I move, the view remains the same.

All I ever do is Wander. 

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